A Signal Amid the Noise

Image thumbnails displayed above. Public exhibition in November of 2017. More details to come.

A Signal Amid the Noise ( 2015 - 2017 )

In recent years, I have come to appreciate the slow gestation of life’s experiences. Concerns about my own mortality have permeated my thoughts following my father’s death. In ways both direct and oblique, his absence continues to influence my artistic practice. Much of my youth was spent in an evangelical church in the Southeast. For all of the persistence and sincerity of seeking, I never experienced the sort of divine encounter which I had witnessed in others, and in turn felt a loss amidst the infinite silence. Even then, I was more of a witness than a participant. 

What began as an exploration into my personal history with organized religion has not only expanded into other faiths but also places of personal, spiritual, and social relevance. A prayer or hymn, reciting aloud a note or a philosophical text, holding my breath, a gravesite visit, or the consumption of a cup of coffee after visiting a friend in hospice; each exposure on film is based on the duration of a ritual either occurring or self-enacted. 

The title, A Signal Amid the Noise, refers to the various beacons we follow as we wander through life while temporarily mortal and indefinitely aware of our condition. It is the green light that hypnotized Gatsby, the subjective histories left behind, and the clarity disrupted by the atomic echo of uncertainty. 

Maybe I want to feel the presence of the divine, or maybe I just want my father to call me on the phone again, “How’s the car? Do you have groceries? We love you.” Perhaps I am simply revering the reverence of others.