In My Father's House

In My Father's House (2010-2013)

Three years ago, I found a napkin on which my father had written down two Elvis song titles: ‘In My Father’s House’ and ‘I Was the One.’ A closed-off man who was haunted by demons he wouldn’t name, this small note was an insight to his private introspections. The intimacy of that note motivated me to search for answers to my life-long questions about a father who was physically close but largely a mystery. I explored him and his private world unobserved and eventually asked my father and other family members to sit for portraits and to participate in constructed narratives. These images blur the lines of what I recall, what I want to admit, and perhaps what I want to see.

On July 26, 2013 my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer that had already spread to his bones. He was with us for just seven days after the diagnosis. In his last days of consciousness, my father began to lose touch with the world. Gripped by a sense of urgency, I acted on the desire to preserve these last moments in the time we had remaining. In those final hours, I found the intimacy I was searching for and realized my place within it. I became not only a documentarian, but also an active participant.